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Aurora Roof Repair

Roofing Pros Aurora - Roof Repair in Aurora

Aurora Roof Repair - Full Service Roofing Contractors

When it comes to roofing and roof repair, we really have all that it takes to make sure that all of your needs to do with maintenance, construction, repair, installation etc. are well and truly covered for the future. We have been doing this for long enough to know that there is only one sure fire way to grow a great local business. It is not all about driving profits. It certainly isn’t about minimizing costs. It isn’t

even about providing cheap products - no, the best way, the only way to make sure that you keep growing as a successful business in the area you operate is really quite simple. To us at least, it all stems from trust and respect. Reputable companies don’t come around too often but we are a great example of one that has. There are many ways that we sustain this in our dealings.


Firstly, we are from the local area. And if some of us have come from somewhere different or have a different background, we pride ourselves in being involved in the community. Classically, this is referred to simply as a community spirit. But for us, it runs through everything that we do. We are constantly building our customer relationships and if you reach out you'll know exactly what we mean. It is an honor for us to be able to serve the local area and we will continue to do so for as long as there is a need. Every homeowner knows the importance of keeping a strong roof over their heads, and we know you can trust us to do just that. We are only trying to convince you of the same thing we're convinced of: that we are the best roofing contractor in Aurora.


    Aurora's Best Roofing Contractor

    Our Services

    Our services have developed naturally due to the flexible demands of our clients. It wasn’t a case of a group of people sitting around in a meeting room, cooking up a list of viable solutions. No, all of the jobs that we list here are jobs that we have done countless times before and hope to continue doing for the wonderful people in the community. We have set up a series of service pages so that you can have a read through the service that interests you and you can let us know what you think. If you already know what you want, then, by all means, head over to the relevant service page and get some info as to what it entails. If you're still unsure, feel free to flip through the service pages and let us know what you think. We are experts in the field and would be happy to give consultation!

    Roofing Pros Aurora Shingles

    Roofing solutions in asphalt, you won’t be disappointed. They are great for protecting against the elements, and they maintain a sleek appearance. We are the specialists when it comes to tearing off old asphalt shingles and installing new ones. We will come prepared and have your shingles installed in no time. Your new roof will be nice and installed to hold up to the elements that Colorado throws at it for years to come.

    This is a picture of a concrete clay roofing.

    Our concrete and clay roofing options offer both security and style. Whatever variation that you want, we are able to provide it with our clay and concrete roofing. Concrete roofs are built to last, so they are great for commercial properties as well as residencies. Our services are rated among the best in Aurora CO.

    Roofing Pros Aurora Shake Roofing

    Roofs come in all different shapes and sizes and we are able to provide each one for you. Wood Shake alternative roofing is great for its utility as well as for its unique appearance. Wood Shake roofing offers some benefits such as energy saving properties. Let our expert installation team install your wood shake roof today. Or, give us a call- we would be happy to tell you more about it!

    “We spent ages looking for a reliable roofing contractor who could do roof repair, roof leak repair, flat roof repair, roof replacement and roof patching services. We were so lucky to find these guys. Our roof was in total disarray, but they handled it quickly, professionally, and honestly, the price was right. Couldn't be happier with the Roofing Pros of Aurora.” - A. Murray

    Roofing Pros Aurora Asphalt Roofing Services

    “As a real estate agent and a landlord, I have a lot of properties to deal with on a continuous basis. These are not the easiest jobs and I need a contractor who can handle it. This lot can. I have not been able to find a reliable service for all of my properties- until now. One of the hardest service to find was affordable roofing services like roof fix, rubber roof repair, roof replacement, restoration, metal roof repair and roof flashing repair. They also do gutter repair and gutter installation. All my needs, one company.” - Rafael N.

    Roofing Pros Aurora Cement Shingles

    “Commercial roofing contractors are a slippy bunch sometimes. But roofing companies near me have proven different. Especially this one. I have tried local roof repair, residential roofing contractors, roof construction specialists and even flat roofing contractors in the next town. No dice. But now, I have a trusted partner. These guys can fix everything, they can sell you roof tiles and they are even there in extreme cases with their emergency roof repair.” - Roger F.

    Roofing Pros Aurora Downspout Installation

    Let us do the work while you kick back and relax, we would be honored. Our experts are happy to offer a free roof inspection.  We can work with your insurance company as well. If you happen to be experiencing leaks or find shingles in your yard, let us know and we will figure out how we can help you. Call Today and a Roof Repair Specialist will come out and assess the situation.

    Roofing Pros Aurora Gutter Installation

    Gutters are great, they help keep the water off your roof. However, if they are installed improperly, this is when water problems arise. Don't leave it to anybody. We are the ones who can do that for you. We will never leave you high and dry like some contractors! Make sure your gutters are doing what they are designed to do.....allow water to drain off of your roof and then direct that drainage away from the foundation of your home.  We offer gutter installations for your home, knowing that our quality work is not unappreciated when it comes to gutters, since water can be damaging to a home. Call today and find out how our team can help you with your water drainage and routing solution

    Roofing Pros Aurora Gutter Repair Services

    Natural wear and tear - facing the elements. We feel the pain and that’s why we are in a position to make sure that your gutters get repaired! Don't neglect to have your gutters repaired.  Water damage is very dangerous to your home. A damaged gutter could function improperly and allow water to reach the parts of your home which are not designed to be waterproof.  In the long term, you'd be happy you took care of your gutters is that the foundation of your home avoids damage.  Call today for a free estimate on all of your gutter repair needs.

    Roofing Pros Aurora Gutter Installation Services

    Contact Us Today

    We pride ourselves on our wicked-fast communication. You can either phone us with the number on the site or shoot us an email and we would be happy to get back to you that way. We have great teams of customer service staff who are specially trained to answer your inquiries. It's never been this easy to get a professional roof installation, gutter repair, roof replacement, restoration and much, much more. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today via the phone or via an email and find out for yourself how competent our legendary customer service skills really are!

    We are honored to service Aurora as well as the neighboring region within a 40 mile radius. Our dedicated team will come over to  you promptly and provide a detailed estimate.

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    We also service the following cities: Hillcrest, Del Mar, Boston Heights, Highland Park, Altura, Nantucket, Hillside, Sunnyvale, Magnolia, Village Green