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Concrete Roof Repair

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Concrete Roof Repair

Clay Roof Repair

We understand how important your homes are to you. The reason why we understand this is because we all have homes too, believe it or not and we care about them just as much as you. We consider it a privilege to keep your homes secure for you and when we come out to do a job for you, then we take advantage of the moment and get filled up with joy due to the fact that we have helped to secure your home. We live of this stuff and we make sure that it propels us into the future.

Concrete Roof

Concrete tiles are a mixture of sand, water and cement. They are then thrust into the high temperature of the furnace and left to complete a natural process whereby they harden and take on a new life in a changed form. They are a popular choice in North America for a number of reasons. They have a waterlocking system which means that they keep the roof waterproof and also they are great at achieving different looks and styles, from traditional to modern, chic to rustic, everything is possible with concrete. Convinced? Pick up the phone today! If you aren’t yet ready to do that, we have many more options, so keep on reading!

Clay Roof

Sculpting clay, Cassius Clay, Claymore, Clay roof tiles. They are all reliable at what they do. Clay tiles are made from baked clay mold which is then turned into the shapes that are perfect for your roof. They have perfect density and give off a beautiful colour, like the European cities of old, like Venice, Rome, Barcelona… or like the Chinese warriors who lie dormant in caves… we have a great way to describe them: terra cotta. They are cheaper than concrete, resistant to storms and they won’t be destroyed or succumb to fires.

100% Satisfaction on your Roof Repair

Whatever you want, we are able to do it for you. Whether you prefer the clay look or the concrete look, we are there to provide it. The customer is always right here at our contractors and every job we do is foregrounded by a simple goal: to make sure the customer is happy at the end of the day. There have been many happy customers that have come before you and there will be many more that come after you. We have built our business on the backs of our previous customers’ happiness. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

Your New Roof will be designed for your

It all begins with a conversation. We will listen to your concerns and your requirements and we will draw up plans that will work for you. This is the point where we can show you samples and allow you to lay out your exact desires. We will draw up a time frame now as well and propose it to you for your agreement. Once that is taken care of, we will be able to start on the serious work which is roofing, in all its forms!

Concrete Roofing

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